12th May 2018

World Fair Trade Day 2018

"Live fair, one product at a time"

"Live fair, one product at a time’" was World Fair Trade Day 2018 theme and celebration message to the global consumers.

In the communities around our centres like Jaipur, Agra, Saharanpur & in Sambhal, Lectures were held on “Live Fair: Make a Difference” for the artisans & producers along with creating Human Chain and spreading the message of Fair Trade. Testimonies were shared by producers & artisans about the benefits of being a part of Fair Trade.  

For the artisan community’s children in Jaipur and Sambhal & for youth in Agra, Fair Trade Festival was organized with lots activities & fun.

At our office, Staff with “Live fair, one product at a time” placard photographs were clicked, also to spread Fair Trade awareness, Fair Trade Principles placards were put up at different corners of the office, these principals will be reminded staff about fair trade practises.

‚ÄčA short video of Mr. Rajesh Kumar, C. E. O. was taken & promoted through Asha’s Facebook page giving message on celebration of the World Fait Trade Day.

All these activities with photos were promoted through Asha Handicrafts as well WFTO's Facebook page. 


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21st Jan 2018

Mumbai Marathon 2018

Asha Handicrafts Association, a Fair Trade Organization, participated in the Dream Run category of Mumbai Marathon " Running for Fair Trade

Every year, the Mumbai Marathon brings the city together like few things do, with stories of courage and determination, of conquering odds and stretching personal limitations, and yes, of kindness and humanity. It’s an event that shows us and the world our better selves.

Fifteen years after its inception, Mumbai Marathon remains one India’s biggest and most celebrated road-running event.


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08th Mar 2018

Womens Day 8 March 2018

WFTO Event

08 March 2018

There are so many reasons to celebrate gender equality on Women’s Day, 8 March 2018!  One good reason is that more and more women in Fair Trade are taking leadership roles in their organisations. A recent study of 110 WFTO members revealed that 51% of board positions are held by women, 52% of CEOs are women and 54% of top management roles are held by women.  Visit our Women's Day page for stories and videos of women in Fair Trade who are leading the way to gender equality. 

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