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Some of the indications that work of Asha Handicrafts which have been effective in furthering the Fair Trade Movement in India are: -
  • A majority of our producers who began their business in a small way with us have now grown and are well established. They continue to work with us because we assisted them when they started out and are convinced about our values and ethical practices, and ethical practices and appreciate the work of Asha Handicrafts among the artisans. Thus they want to become active agents of change in the Fair Trade Movement in their region.
  • Some craftsmen-producers who were poor have improved their socio-economic status over the years owing to support extended to them by Asha Handicrafts in the form of sustained business and correlated inputs.
  • The poor have benefited due to work being channeled by Asha Handicrafts to them. They have moved from the state of indebtedness to being debt-free.
  • Due to lower mark up and controlled operating costs, we have been able to offer competitive prices to our buyers abroad, enabling them to create a demand for Indian Handicrafts and generate work for artisans in India.