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To put people before profits.
To do business with a view to transform lives.
Ensure producers gets a fair share of the retail value of their product.
Ensure no child labour is involved in the production process.
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Asha Handicrafts Association has its product showroom located at the Andheri East Office.
Shipping Instructions:
Mode of Transport
  1. Courier - recommended for small orders. For small items, airmail parcel post works out quite economical. Allow 30-40% of the cost price. For sea mail parcel post, allow 20-30%.
  2. Airfreight or sea freight - Allow 20-50% for airfreight, 15 -30% for sea.
Mode of Payment
  1. Bill of Exchange: This means that goods are consigned to your bankers who receive documents from Asha's bankers, and payment is released by them. Recommended for bulk sea consignments.
  2. Advance: Recommended for airmail parcel post and airfreight, so that goods may be consigned to the buyer direct.
  3. Irrevocable Letter of Credit: Executed through buyers/sellers banks to safeguard mutual interests.
    These are the only financial transactions approved by the Reserve Bank of India. It is not possible to send goods in advance of payment.
Terms of contract
  1. FOB covers only cost of products. Freight or postage and insurance to be paid by the consignee on receipt of goods.
  2. C&F: This is the total cost of product plus cost of freight paid at the shipper's end. If this is specified please add 'cost of freight as indicated under 'mode of dispatch'.
  1. Send your order on enclosed order form, your letterhead or order form. Do not combine as part of a letter.
  2. Allow 2 month production time for orders exceeding Rs. 2,00,000 in value and/or more than 20 different items.
  3. In specifying sea freight/parcel post, allow a further one-month shipping time.
  4. All orders/ payments received are promptly acknowledged. Kindly send all advance payments either: (a) by bank draft 'payable only in India' to Asha Handicrafts Association, Bombay, or (b) through bank transfer to our bankers Deutsche Bank, Fort, Bombay 400 001, India.
  5. If acknowledgement is not received by you within 3 weeks of the date of your order payment, please send an enquiry
Quality Control
Asha is responsible to maintain customer specifications in regard to design, material, size, quantity and workmanship. Delivery Schedule - Asha constantly follows up with the producer to maintain strict adherence to the customer's delivery schedule.  Pricing. Asha maintains its contract price to the buyer, despite producer and/or other operating cost increases.
While this catalogue offers a wide range of products, which may be ordered as presented, Asha also undertakes to fulfill specific customer preferences and modifications, thereby offering each buyer en exclusive range of products. Composite Shipments - Since handicraft and handloom producing centers are spread all over the country, Asha's unique service of procurement ensures an economical, speedy and composite delivery of customer orders, regardless of the number of producers, or products involved.