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Wood Work
Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh is the traditional center for woodcraft. We source 80% of our wood products from this region. They are made mainly using sesham wood, mango wood & haldu wood. Handicrafts are made by artisans skilled in wood carving and brass inlay.
brass brass making
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We have an exclusive range of mixed wood products, sourced from Saharanpur, the traditional Indian center for wood handicrafts.

Paper-Mache ▲ top
Paper-mache products are totally eco-friendly as they made using old newspapers recycled and processed manually in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir State. Paper mache pen stands, photo frames, coaster sets, letter racks, eggs, pencil holders, pen stands, boxes of various sizes, lamp stands, Christmas tree hangings etc.
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You can purchase our eco-friendly paper-mache range of products.

Leather Products ▲ top
Embroidered leather products have always been associated with the nomadic tribes of Rajasthan, where men would process leather, and women would embellish them with colourful embroidery depicting motives of nature around them. Harmada village near Ajmer is especially well known for their leather craftsmen.
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Traditional leather bags, pencil holders, coin purses, wallets, Rajasthani shoes from our Rajasthani artisans can be purchased here.

Musical Instruments ▲ top

India has a long history of folk music. We offer a wide range of Indian folk musical instruments - woodwind, stringed, percussion instruments, bells, and symbols. They are made by skilled artisans living in different parts of India.

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Jewelry ▲ top

Bead making is the ancient craft practised by Indus Valley Civilization. Jewelry made with semi precious stones processed in Khambat, a coastal town in Gujarat. Asha also has an exclusive range of silver jewelry handcrafted by skilled silversmiths.

brass brass making
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Asha Handicrafts has specially designed jewelry, made with semi-precious stones of various colors to go with any outfit.

Block Printing ▲ top

Bagru Village in the outskirts of Jaipur is well known for their colorful block printed textiles, that depict traditional motives of Rajasthan. 

brass brass making
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Textiles ▲ top
Kalamkari is the traditional craft of Machilipatnam – Andhra Pradesh. It is a completely natural process that uses natural dyes, flowing water and bright sunshine to produce attractive textiles in earthly colors and traditional motives.
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Ceramics ▲ top
Jaipur is renowned for its Blue pottery, a craft that originated in ancient Persia and brought to India by artisans who received royal patronage in Jaipur.  Hand painted by skilled artisans, and processed in the traditional kilns on the outskirts of Jaipur, AH offers a range of decorative and utilitarian articles, that make a thoughtful gift.
brass brass making
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Iron ▲ top
AH offers a range of candle stands, lamp shades, lanterns, etc. made with sheet and wrought iron made in different parts of India.
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Bidri ▲ top

Sultans of 14th to 17th century India were great patrons of the art of Bidri. The basic raw material used in Bidri craft is an alloy of zinc and copper in the proportion 16:1. Upon this alloy exquisite designs in pure silver are inlaid.

Each Bidri piece is cast separately using a mould formed with ordinary soil made malleable with castor oil and resin and then the molten metal alloy is poured into it. The surface of a newly cast piece is rough, so it is made smooth with a file and scraper.

Then the artist rubs the piece with a bit of copper sulphate to obtain a temporary black coating on which to draw the design. All designs are drawn free-hand with a sharp metal stylus.

Next, with the Bidri piece firmly fixed in a wax applied to a stone and held in a vice, the craftsman uses small chisels to engrave the design. Into these chiseled groves he carefully hammers a fine silver wire made from silver sheets.

After inlaying the silver on the piece, it is vigorously filed smooth again and buffed, obliterating the temporary coating and creating gleaming silver colored alloy.

The final step is making the surface permanently black so that the silver inlay design will stand out in bright contrast against the dark background. Mud from the walls of buildings over three hundred years old but that have not been exposed to either sunlight or the rains is mixed with ammonium chloride and water to produce a special paste. This is rubbed on the heated Bidri article. As the paste is rinsed off, the design springs dramatically into view, the shining silver resplendent against the black surface.

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Brass ▲ top
Morababad, the brass city of India, is the traditional center where brass craftsmen have practised there for hundreds of years. Asha Handicrafts offers traditional and modern designs in brassware produces by metal workers around Moradabad.
brass brass making
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Dokra Art ▲ top
Dhokra craft is one of the earliest methods of non-ferrous metal casting known to human civilization. It is practised by tribal communities in Orissa, using methods which have remained unchanged for thousands of years. The tribals produce objects that reflect the reality and the nature that surrounds them. The same craft has been used to make artifacts such as door handles, oil lamps and vase that retain their traditional appearance. However these can be used in everyday life.
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Copper & Wire ▲ top
India is the largest brass and copper making region in the world. Women artisans in Panvel, close to Mumbai, use copper wire and powdered glass to create a variety of pen holders, bowls, boxes, key chains etc.
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Stone ▲ top
The home to the Taj Mahal, Agra, is known for its stone handicrafts inlayed with semi-precious stones. This craft was famously used in decorating the Taj Mahal further perfected then adorning the Agra Fort. Artisans carrying on this tradition are presently facing a crisis as their craft is not being appreciated in recent times. Asha Handicrafts is assisting these artisans by giving them design imput and product ideas to enable them to create artifacts that can be used with pride and gifted away with satisfaction.
brass brass making
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Horn & Bone ▲ top
Horn and Bone handicrafts are made with recycled waste product of the meat processing industry. No animals are killed, just to harvest their horn or bone. Horns and Bone from all over India are transported to Sarai Tarin, a small town in Sumbahal Discrict near Morababad. Here traditionally horn and bone, have been worked upon, to make useful products such as fine tooth combs, vases, and decorative products. Horn & bone are totally eco-friendly to the extent that even the powdered waste produced during manufacture of handicrafts is used as a fertilizer in the nearby farm land.
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Horn and bone, the gift that goes on giving.

Food Products ▲ top
Asha Handicrafts offers a range of chutneys and jams made by village women of Panvel, near Mumbai, without any artificial preservatives but by using fresh fruits of the season.  Asha Handicrafts also offers a range of hand-rolled Papadoms, a tasty savory which can be eaten as a snack with a refreshing glass of beer, or by itself. AH papadoms are made by economically depressed women of Mumbai, who are part of a women’s cooperative.
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Incense ▲ top
Mysore is famous for its sandalwood products. AH offer a wide range of fragrant incense sticks that are safe for use in your home. Asha Handicrafts offers a totally natural range of Incense sticks that have recently been developed.
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