AMAR BAGH  He is 30 years old and enjoys his work with one of our producer groups. Amar was originally from a small village called Balai Nager in the Nodiya district of West Bengal where he was born & brought up along with his 4 sisters and 7 brothers. He initially had the opportunity to study and has studied till the 7th standard. He belonged to a poor family where his eldest brother was the one who earned & provided for the family. When his brother fell sick & wasn’t able to work anymore, Amar was forced to leave school and not study any further.

Things got more difficult as he & his siblings grew older. One of his brothers ran away from home & fled to Jaipur never to be heard of again. His eldest brother fell sick again and this time, sadly, he did not recover. Amar still misses him, even today. As with all things, Amar’s dark days came to an end. Today, all of his siblings are happily married and have different jobs. Amar has been living in Jaipur for the last 6 years since he found work with Asha Handicrafts. His employment with us has literally changed his life. At the producer group, he learnt the craft of making beautiful silver handicrafts and he did it in 6 months. So impressive are his skills that he has started his own production unit, where he teaches artisans to make different jewelry. He hopes his unit continues to flourish and that more artisans come to work with him.