FARZANA KHATTON Has been working with Asha Handicrafts’ producer group at Delhi since 2006. In 1999, when Farzana came to Delhi to visit a relative, from her home town Safipur in Uttar Pradesh, little did she know that she would meet her future husband whom she promptly married & with whom she has 2 daughters. Farzana was as happy as could be. But dark times were lurking just around the corner for her. A few years after the birth of her second daughter, Farzana lost her husband & was all alone with her 2 daughters. It was difficult for Farzana to take care of her family’s needs. She soon began searching for work. In her search, someone asked her to seek our Asha Handicrafts’ producer group. Seeing her desperation, she was offered a job at the group. Because her daughters were too young to be left alone at home, she was given the opportunity to make jewellery at home.

As her daughters grew up, she was able to take on more responsibility & soon was made a supervisor of the women artisans. Things were better for Farzana, but it was still difficult to provide a good education to her daughters.

In 2011-12 Farzana met our welfare worker, on one of his regular visits to the producer group’s workshop. Our welfare worker soon heard about Farzana’s plight & how she recognized the importance of a good education for her daughters. This led to education assistance from Asha Handicrafts, for her daughters. She is now happy knowing that her family’s future is secure and is extremely grateful for all the help she has received.