MUNNI Works with a producer group at Saharanpur. Munni was born in to a poor family in Roorkee, a city in the Haridwar district of Uttarakhand. Needless to say, her childhood was not easy. Her father was a daily wage worker and couldn’t afford sufficient food for his family, let alone afford to send Munni to school.

She finally got married, moved to her husband’s home at Saharanpur and had 4 children. She thought that the difficult days were behind her, but sadly, in a span of a few years, the poverty & hardship she left behind, had once again found her & her family.  Her husband also made a living as a  daily wage worker & couldn’t find work like before. Their future looked dire, but Munni decided not to give up & do her best to support her family.

She was fortunate to get a job with one of the local handicraft manufacturers & learnt how to polish wood. She was thankful for the new income, but still couldn’t support her family. When she heard of Asha Handicrafts & the benefits we offered our artisans, Munni knew she had to at least try to get a job with us. Recognising the quality of her work, our producer group, immediately offered Munni a job, which she graciously accepted.

She has been working with our producer group for the last 10 years as a wood polisher, specialising in antique / vintage finishing. Munni couldn’t be happier now that she can easily take care of her family’s needs!