RITA MAOURYA Works at one of Asha Handicrafts’ producer groups at Mumbai. She has been working with this group for a long time. In fact, neither she nor the group owner can remember exactly when the Rita became a part of their“family”, but pegs it at a minimum of 6 years. She has always just been there and will continue to be there.

Rita was born & bought up in Mumbai, which when compared to other cities in India, is one of the more expensive cities to live in. Things being as they were, her father ensured that she could study at least up to junior college. By this time it was getting difficult to manage their household and her parents began looking for a suitable match for Rita. Soon Rita was married to her husband Pradeep, who was a Tailor Cutting Master working with this producer group. During the span of a few years, they had a daughter and a son and were as happy as could be. When their daughter began school it became difficult to make ends meet with only her husband’s salary. Fortunately for them Rita was excellent with a sewing machine &our producer group was hiring.

Rita now does various types of stitching for the various garments, scarfs, etc. with the precision & accuracy of a seasoned professional tailor. She is proud that she can contribute to her family’s income and send her children to school. Her children are now studying in the 5th and the 1st standard. She is a proud mother & is grateful to Asha Handicrafts for her job, her children’s education and hopes to get good orders in the future.