SUSHILA YADAV Was born and brought up in Mumbai. She used to be a sweet homemaker, taking care of her small family. This all changed when her husband, one day, just packed up and left her & their children. After her husband deserted her, she took up odd jobs, which she could do herself, to feed her children.

In 2007, Sushila was at her wits end trying to keep her family & home afloat. She was ready to give up when she heard of a job at one of Asha Handicrafts’ producer groups at Mumbai. When she met the group in-charge, she knew that finally her troubles were over and immediately started working with him. Since Sushila had completed her high school and was quite knowledgeable, she was given the additional responsibility of maintaining records of production and raw material along with her regular crafting work.

Sushila is employed as a full time employee and is paid a salary which enables her to take care of her dependent parents as well as her children. Sushila was also fortunate to be included in a government scheme for subsidized housing, which made her eligible for a housing loan. She also didn’t have to worry anymore about her children’s education. Her older daughters are studying in municipal schools and with support from Asha Handicrafts. Sushila has now enrolled her youngest daughter in an English medium school which has made her very happy.

In her own heartfelt words, Sushila expressed how thankful she was for the support she received. “Only with the support and encouragement I received from Mr. Ram Prasad & the good orders we receive from Asha, I was able to pay for my house which is otherwise nearly impossible for women like me, who are living without a husband. I am thankful that good people still exist in the world