Asha Resource Centre (ARC)

Asha Resource Centre aspires to effectively use the resources available for the development of artisans, producers and staff of Asha Handicrafts Association and to make a meaningful impact on the lives of artisans and their families through fair trade practices and its social welfare programs.

Capacity Building Through Trainings

Producer Training to Export Market Scenarios, Current Designs & Trends, Quality & Legal requirements for exporting handicrafts, the Importance of timely delivery, GST requirements & Finance by Asha’s staff.

Training for Welfare Workers on effectiveness in carrying out Business as well Social & fair Trade Activities

Artisan Trainings were conducted on Fair Trade Awareness & its benefits.

A workshop on leadership, quality products and timely delivery

Spreading word of “Fair Trade”

Asha Handicrafts Staff participated in the Mumbai Marathon with an aim of spreading awareness about Fair Trade

Empowering producers through Assistance

“I was able to deliver quality products on time Because of the assistance I received from Asha” Ajmal

“With Asha Handicrafts assistance, I purchased machinery, which enabled me to expand my product range” Usman

“With the grant I received from Asha Handicrafts, I have purchased a generator which has allowed me to continue production even during the regular power cuts” – Aarif

Health is Wealth

Medical Camps, with free check-ups and Medicines

Free medical consultation & medicine to artisans and their families

Work place safety & Improved working conditions

Education for All

Funds received from Buyer amounting to US$ 500 were utilized to provide School Uniforms, Books, and Bags & Shoes to 23 children from Jaipur & Sarai Tarin.

Supporting Education of 100 artisans children

Solar Lanterns are helping artisans in household work as well children to study at the time of regular power cuts.

Computer education & training to artisans and community children for livelihood.

The Tuition Projects are helping artisan and community children to stay in school & complete their education.

Improved Living Conditions

Beyond Business

Pankaj Kumar from Agra once studied in our E-academy project but today, he teaches young children at the E-academy as well as runs the family handicraft business (2nd generation).

Provided Laptops which has enabled producers to effectively manage their correspondence related to order dispatches.

Mr. Arvind who was a student of our E-academy project is now our main supplier of Durries from Agra.

Salman is now pursuing a post graduate degree while running the family business and supplying ASHA (2nd generation)/p>

Empower Women to Empower Society

Asha Handicrafts Association is a proud supporter of Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment. This year, on International Women’s Day, our management took the opportunity to personally thank each staff for their ongoing contribution to our business.

Impacting Lives – Making Differenc

It was a long road for Muzaffer, but he finally achieved his dream. Muzaffer was born and brought up in Moradabad and has lived there since. He is now 37 years old. He is the eldest of five children & has three younger brothers and one younger sister. His mother is a house wife and his father was originally an artisan, who worked with metal artwork. Due to the irregularity of the work, his father was forced to leave his profession and look for an alternative source of income. His father soon started a transport business, which has been successful. Muzaffer started his career in a handicraft export firm in March 2000 as a computer operator while he was still perusing his graduation. At that time, he was hired on a temporary basis. The work wasn’t much, but the pay was decent for a student. This led to him working part time at various export firms, all the while continuing with his education.

Muzaffer continued with these part time jobs till 2005, when he got married. After his marriage, he applied for & was selected for a full time job as a Merchandiser cum Logistic Manager, in a reputed export firm in Moradabad. He worked there till November 2009. After gaining the experience he needed, he was determined to fulfil his dream & start his own export business in 2010 with his wife, who was also well educated and like him, had dreams of one day starting her own business..

Muzaffer recalls from the earliest time of setting up his export firm, working with Asha Handicrafts Association and their stringent requirements. He is thankful for the opportunity he received so long ago & continues to work successfully with us. Muzaffer supplies us with recycled material products, jewellery, bone handicraft and other miscellaneous handicraft products. Muzaffer is very happy to be a supplier of Asha Handicrafts Association and even though his business is growing day by day, Muzaffer wants to be the best & most reliable supplier out of Asha’s various suppliers. Muzaffer has 3 children, all of whom are studying. He has promised himself that all 3 of them will be well educated. A promise which he says is his motivation for working hard. He prays for a bright future for Asha Handicrafts and for good business for them & their clients in the near future.

Kanchan Soni is 20 years old and works with our producer Dwarka Jewel. She was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan and has studied up to the 12th standard. Kanchan has had a hard life and has struggled to reach where she is today. She is one of six children and has five sisters and a brother. Knachan lost her father in a vehicle accident when she was just 10 years old. This forced her mother & elder sisters to take care of and provide for the family. For six years her mother pushed herself to put food on the table for her children, all the while making sure they studied. Kanchan’s mother also saved some money and was able to arrange for Knachan’s elder sisters to be married. When all seemed to be going well for the family, in 2013 Kanchan’s mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. The money her family earned was now spent on her mother’s treatment. Kanchan soon could not afford to study further. Her mother fought hard, but unfortunately lost the fight against cancer in 2014. Her 3 married sisters now live with their new families, while she looks after her younger sister and brother who are studying in school. Her sisters assist her financially to some degree, so that their younger siblings can complete their education.

Kanchan has been working with Dwarka Jewel for the last 2 years and is excellent at her job as a quality inspector, checking every item diligently. She earns Rs. 9,200 per month and wants to continue working with Dwarka, with hopes of growing within the company.